Our active litigation practice involves the representation of national, regional and self-insurers. From transactional to regulatory questions, complex litigation, skillful interpretation of sophisticated policies coverage and responding to insurers advisory needs, our attorneys handle insurance-related matters with expertise and focus. Our years of handling this type of work has resulted in close ties within the insurance industry and collaboration on critical decisions with our insurance clients and corporate or in-house counsel is a significant part of handling legal issues.

We have multiple lawyers with significant state and federal jury trial as well as domestic and international arbitration experience. C&H lawyers pride themselves on personalized client service, keen responsiveness, attention to detail, centralized resources and quality work product. Working together with our clients, strategic and cost-effective solutions are identified and implemented with focus on every detail. Many of our lawyers have postgraduate and business experience, including insurance training and risk management.

With the ever-increasing range of liabilities and losses, our broad range of experience with insurance matters and issue management is invaluable in handling the following coverages, disputes and policies:

  • Property
  • Business Interruption and Extra Expense
  • Catastrophe Claims – hurricane/tornado/wildfire/flood/earthquake
  • Fire Claims
  • CGL
  • Trade credit
  • Personal & Commercial Umbrella
  • Fraud
  • Civil Insurance Litigation Against Insureds
  • Farm
  • Personal & Commercial Auto

Set against the backdrop of significant changes in the economic and regulatory landscape, demanding regulatory initiatives and a need to manage risk, insurers are being compelled re-evaluate former assumptions and strategies. C&H attorneys regularly handle a full spectrum of insurance issues involving policy language, claims handling, insurer business practices, the regulatory framework and the interplay between underwriting and claims. Our Insurance Practice Group knows the insurance business and the relationship of both the business of the industry as well as the legal impacts, from the viewpoint of counsel and claims.

C&H lawyers are consistently sought after to raise awareness of insurance coverage issues through leading legal and insurance publications, trade associations industry and client-specific seminars and conferences.


C&H has a deep appreciation and knowledge of first party property claims. First-party homeowner and commercial property insurance claims frequently require direct and personal contact with policyholders. Given the specialized policies at issue combined the inexhaustible number of real-life claim situations that can unfold and the ever-increasing number of insureds represented by public adjusters, few areas of insurance generate more complaints and litigation. Even when a carrier handles a first-party property claim in good faith and in compliance with the terms, conditions and exclusions of the subject policy, litigation frequently ensues.


C&H lawyers have frequent opportunities to represent and consult with insurers in matters involving allegations of bad faith, fraud, unfair trade practices, fiduciary obligations, the constitutionality of punitive damages, and the implications of coverage decisions.

The C&H Insurance Practice Group has handled over 150 jury trials to verdict in state and federal courts and enjoys an enviable record of success.  C & H lawyers were among the first in Pennsylvania to file suit and obtain verdicts for insurers for civil insurance fraud and continue to file these suits with success. One of our attorneys co-authored/edited the treatise Extracontractual Litigation Against Insurers (Law Journal Press).