We are dedicated to working with companies and individuals in the construction industry to navigate the challenges you may face. Our firm has extensive experience assisting contractors and design professionals at all stages of the construction process. In addition, the firm has extensive experience with matters arising from major construction accidents and/or defects.

Construction Contracts

The first step in the vast majority of construction projects is assembling a project team and the signing of contracts and subcontracts that define who does what work, what the work will cost and what each party’s responsibilities are in the event of a problem. Due to the complex relationships between project owners, design professionals, contractors and subcontractors construction contracts are generally complicated by necessity. Negotiating favorable terms on the front end of a project is a simple way to reduce risk and save significant costs at project closeout. In addition, it is vitally important to have a partner that can explain what each provision of a contract means and how the terms affect payment, claims and the project schedule. We have extensive experience drafting contract documents for construction professionals, negotiating terms on a project-by-project basis and assisting construction professionals understand the terms of these vital documents.

Construction Litigation

Disputes are an unfortunate but common occurrence on construction projects. Often there are disagreements regarding the quality or timing of work. We will work with you during construction to “keep small problems small”; however, when things cannot be worked out you need a lawyer that understands when, where and how to act.

Construction Accident Claims

Construction sites are dangerous places and, sometimes accidents do occur. When accidents occur it is imperative that an experienced construction attorney spearhead the defense of the claim. We are experienced in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of construction accident claims and can help identify the best path to protect your business.

Construction Defect Claims

Construction professionals work hard to deliver quality products for their customers. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong with the work and defects are found. When defects arise it is often difficult to pin down exactly who is responsible, and there are disputes as to the costs to correct deficiencies. We have  worked on numerous multi-million dollar construction defect matters and are well-versed in how to prosecute and defend claims of defective workmanship.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Many construction contracts require arbitration and/or mediation as the means to resolve disputes. We are experienced in all aspects of alternative dispute resolution.

Mechanic’s Liens

Mechanic’s Liens are a powerful tool for contractors and/or subcontractors that have properly performed but have not been paid. Mechanic’s Lien statutes do vary from state to state and must be strictly adhered to. We have filed numerous Mechanic’s Liens in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia and are well-versed in how to utilize this powerful tool.

Payment and Performance Bonds

Many construction professionals believe that payment and performance bonds are only for public projects, but some private projects are also protected by payment and performance bonds. We have extensive knowledge regarding how to leverage these claims to either secure payment for contractors and subcontractors. In addition, we have worked with several contractors and subcontractors to protect them from improper performance bond claims.

Business & Commercial Litigation

In addition to working with contractors we have worked with many other types of businesses and have extensive commercial litigation experience. We can help your business assess its rights and, if needed, vindicate them in a court of law.

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