People are increasingly using the legal system to unjustly deprive others of their life’s work.   Millions of new lawsuits are filed in the United States every year, many of which are frivolous or settled for sums greater than the actual liability.

Our law firm assists clients with asset protection against long-term care costs, nursing home spend-down and Medicaid look back periods.

We also design many of our estate plans so that your descendants and loved ones inheritance will be protected against their creditors, spouses (divorce), lawsuits and bankruptcy.

In general, assets can be at risk due to a number of vulnerabilities, including:

  • Professional malpractice liability
  • Personal liability of corporate officers and directors
  • Lawsuits by former business partners
  • Personal injury suffered on your premises
  • Personal injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident
  • Liability as guarantor for the debts of another
  • Liability arising from misconduct

Insurance alone does not always adequately protect against all of these threats.  We help clients protect their wealth using a variety of strategies including the use of special trusts and other legal arrangements.