Krista has a unique ability to drive towards an understanding of the business issues first, then to craft the legal strategy around those issues. Using that approach she has assisted our Company in getting transactions over the finish line. An expert negotiator, very astute but practical and pragmatic at the same time.

Patrick Thornton
Chief Financial Officer
VFD Technologies, Inc.
Choice Precision, Inc.,
UKM Transit Products, Inc.




Your services have been essential and integral to VFD Technologies success for 3 reasons:

1. Corporate Governance

We recognize our needs are quite different from many organizations in the areas of ownership control, equity financing and ongoing corporate governance. And in each instance your ability to understand our needs and customize our structural documents has been greatly appreciated. You have been able to quickly assess the fundamentals of our approach, identify the core issues and craft the exact language that addresses those concerns and allows us to operate at our best.

2. M&A Facilitation

As we have grown with C&H, you have been instrumental in getting our deals over the top and through closing. This is a unique skill in the legal profession that takes a strong financial valuation background combined with the interpersonal skills to keep all the stake holders on track. You seem to sense when an issue is relevant, if it’s been stressed to its limit and when it has become personal. This sense has kept the deal contained and on schedule. Again from our perspective, you seem to be right by our side, vested as we are every step of the way, and ensuring that the momentum never stops.

3. Availability

Over the years we have found you to be very practical in judgment and having a great perspective on the overall goal along with the near term task. This adds dimension to our internal decision making process. And as we approach critical stages in our process, timing and accessibility become vital. You manage to fulfill those requirements, without hesitation or delay, every single time. That’s why we maintain an allegiance to C&H and especially Krista Harper.

Richard G. Larson
Chief Executive Officer
VFD Technologies, Inc.
Choice Precision, Inc.
UKM Transit Products, Inc.



We consider Krista to be a valuable member of our team. She brings real world solutions to the often complicated realm of law. She listens to the issues we face in our business and then proceeds to resolve them with a committed and common sense approach which we find to be very cost effective. We trust and highly value her opinion and she is integral to the success of our business.
C. Scott Van Cleef
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Country Classics, Inc.



Krista Harper consistently works to protect her client thru thoughtful, reasoned analysis while at the same time striving to reach an ultimate resolution to the matter at hand.

She balances the goals of the client with the reliability of success thru the eyes of the law.

J. Todd Van Cleef
Country Classics, Inc.



Tinius Olsen has engaged Krista Harper as its General Counsel for more than a decade. During that time, we have enjoyed the benefits of her broad knowledge of the law, which extends well beyond just her area of concentration, as well as her ability to apply logic and reasoning to complex issues, and apply them to real world situations.

Krista has a gift for efficiently sorting through large amounts of information and knowing what really matters. She then crafts a solution that works.

What makes Krista most unique, however, is her willingness to personally invest herself in her clients issues as if they were her own, while at the same time preserving her ability to provide her clients with objective opinions.

C. Robert Tait, III
Tinius Olsen International



Krista has exclusively provided all my business counsel needs at 2 different companies for 15 or so years. These have been start up businesses that have matured. More recently, we went through an acquisition and Krista is now also doing work for our new parent based on my recommendation. Clearly, I have always been satisfied with the support and service. If you are looking for a lawyer who is practical, efficient, and easy to work with across a range of business needs, I would not hesitate to recommend Krista, no matter the size of your company.

Julia Ralston
Chief Executive Officer
MedErgy Healthgroup, Inc.